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“We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to create world that will improvepeople’s lives, and help people enhance theircapability.”

Our story

Oh! That was incredible, a year ago after my graduate I (founder) came up my uncle as purchaser of raw materials for his new building. Since   everything was difficult for me, I have no idea where was the suppliers ware, how can get them and if there how can get better quality materials with fair price at a time. During that time I and all peoples in this industry face the big challenge of disorganized materials market and distribution system. Due to these many contractors, individual builder, real estate developers and other major player in the industry incur for higher cost of project delay and unnecessary extra cost of searching provider, unfair margin of breaker, and expensive transportation cost, that is for all each distribution of construction input. When I was in those situations surprisly I come up one great idea in my mind. Why not I try to do something toovercomethose entire tangible market problems and make building easy than ever seen before, and which can deliver superiors values for customers.That was our reason to being.Today, we’re proud to empower individuals and business owners around the world. Everyone deserves to have massive success in their lifeand we’re excited to see what you create.

For what we deserves?

We keep it simple, just type a few key buttons then you can have them delivered directly to your door step and Construction site so you can focus on creating an amazing building that reflects your inner desire and status quo. Best of all – it’s at factory price. You can get online, start creating your own world right away. We believe Innovation and simplicity makes our life better and enjoyable. Our goal is to remove any physical, technical and systematical barriers that can prevent the major player of construction industry (contractor, real estate developer, individual’s builders, manufactures and importers) from making their own success world. We’re excited to help you on your journey!

Quality and innovative products

We are in the conscious endeavor to bring the most innovative products and approved construction materials suppliers to your site. Property has gained immense popularity due to its unique features. Customer responsiveness is a major and foremost priority for us.

Business to business process

We are building a platform to connect all the stakeholders in the construction industry, which will streamline the information and transaction flow to unparalleled convenience levels making customer experience. Zconworld aims to build a marketplace with the largest selection of construction materials in Ethiopia and most competitive prices in the industry.

Customer’s satisfaction

We provide satisfied solutions to our customers so as to attain outstanding results. Our Construction materials suppliers in are highly acclaimed for its robust constructions and technology. We have made continuous improvements in supplying genuine and trusted Construction materials suppliers for the welfare of the customer.

Online marketing suppliers

We are one of the trusted names that are engaged in supplying Construction materials suppliers in Ethiopia. We owe to the customer-centric business approach and loyalty which has attracted a large number of customers in Ethiopia. Zconworld is a leading online marketplace which offers all services related to building and construction materials suppliers in Ethiopia.

Conserving natural resources

We are renowned as a foremost supplier of construction and other materials which are precisely processed using premium quality ingredients and advanced technology in accordance with quality standards. Before supplying building materials to the end customer we ensure 100% quality of the materials according to the customer needs.

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